There is no doubt that Kenya is one of the best safaris destinations in Africa. There is so much to see and experience for tourists who choose to visit the country at different times of the year. Safaris in Kenya are usually fun filled with lots of adventure for the tourists.

The coast of Kenya is the ideal destination for holiday seekers and even honeymooners. Tourists can enjoy the warm coastal weather on the white sandy beaches, swim with dolphins and learn so much culture that the coastal residents follow.

On the other hand, the other parts of the country offer the best of safari spots that Africa has to offer. You can meet the big five in their natural habitats in various national parks and national reserves. Apart from the big 5, there are other animal species in the wild that tourists can get the chance to see. Among these include the giraffe, cheetah, zebras, hyena and many others.

Tourists on safari in Kenya can also enjoy seeing a number of rare bird species, different kinds of reptiles including the crocodile and much more. The best spectacle to catch is when predators are in action. You can catch cheetahs hunting the gazelles or a pride of lion trying to bring down a buffalo.

Kenya is also home to the great wildebeest migration. This is the 7th world wonder that is nothing short of amazing to experience. When the wildebeests and zebras attempt to cross the Mara River, many hungry crocodiles and other predator are waiting for them.

Types of Safaris in Kenya

There is so much adventure to experience in the wild. How you will experience the safaris depend on your preferences and your budget too. However, what you can be guaranteed of is total fun and a new experience that you have never had before.

Even if you have been on a safari in Kenya before, there is still something new in every safari that you go for. You always get to learn something new or go to new destinations in the country that you have never visited before. Below are the different types of safaris that you can enjoy when you visit Kenya.

Adventure Safaris with 4×4 Vehicles

This is the most common safari type that tourists go for when visiting national parks and national reserves in Kenya. 4×4 vehicles are preferred because of the rough terrain of the wild. You can get very close to various animals and even wait for a long time for a particular spectacle to unfold.

In the parks and reserves there are paths for vehicles to follow and with a good tour guide, you can be directed to the best spots in the park that you can see your animals of interest.

Balloon Safaris in Kenya

This is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can ever imagine. Tourists go on a safari with a hot air balloon. You get to see the animals in their natural habitat from the bird’s eye view. You can fly low to get very close to the animals. Most of the parks in Kenya have the Savannah vegetation making it ideal for balloon safaris.


Nature Walks Safaris

Nature walks are very popular with tourists in Kenya. In this type, tourists get to walk in parts of the park with a guide. The parts that they walk are not frequented by predators and so they are very safe for them to walk. You will usually cross paths with various wild animals including the giraffe and zebras.

Canoeing Safaris

Visit the wild on a canoe. This is interesting and you not only get to see the animals in the water but also the animals that frequent the rivers or lakes for water.

Horse Back Safaris or Camel Safaris

Horseback safaris are one of the most interesting safaris. Tourists are allowed to visit the national reserves while riding horses. A guide usually accompanies them and it is very adventurous and you can get very close to many animals.

On the other hand, tourists can experience adventure while riding on camels. There are particular parts of the country that the camel rides are available and mostly not in areas that you will encounter aggressive animals in the wild.

Hunting Safaris in Kenya

Finally, we have the hunting safaris for those who prefer using the gun rather than their cameras. There is a fee you can pay for hunting and there are particular animals that you are allowed to hunt. Endangered species are usually protected and therefore hunters are not allowed to kill such.

All these options are available for tourists who visit Africa and Kenya in particular. It all depends on your spirit of adventure and your budget.  Safaris in Kenya are usually breath taking experiences and it is one thing you would not want to miss when you visit Africa.