Before you visit Kenya, you may want to know what exactly makes Kenya the ideal holiday destination in Africa. Without a doubt, Kenya is one of the best tourist destinations in Africa and the country enjoys a considerable number of tourists visiting the country throughout the year.

There are high seasons and low seasons when it comes to tourism in Kenya but there is no one time that the country experiences no tourism activity. Other tourists even prefer to visit Kenya during the low seasons especially if you are travelling on a budget.

There are very many tourist destinations in Kenya that tourists can visit. The different destinations have various unique aspects that make them popular. Before you visit Kenya, it is important that you do a good research on the various attractions and find out which ones you are really interested in.

From the white sandy beaches at the coast to the high towering mountains in Kenya, there is no limit to the holiday activities you can engage in when in the country. You only need to target the areas with the activities you enjoy the most but do not be afraid to try something new.

When it comes to holidays, Kenya has a lot of experience because of the years that it has been serving tourists from around the world. There are hotels all around the country, safari camps and lodges as well that have years of experience in the hospitality sector. The prices of these various accommodation spots vary depending on the different classes they belong to and the location.

5 star hotels will of course be more expensive when you compare to the others. Therefore, it all comes down to your budget when planning for your holiday in Kenya. There is a healthy competition between these hotels and lodges in Kenya and therefore this makes it good for the common tourist. The competition ensures that the rates are always in check.

Reasons to Visit Kenya

In my humble opinion, there are thousands of reasons why you should visit Kenya. We cannot simply put all these in one article and therefore we will explore the top reasons you need to put Kenya in your bucket list when it comes to future holiday destinations you would love to visit.

#1 Safaris in Kenya are among the Best in Africa

Let’s admit it, the moment you think of visiting Africa, the one thing that gets stuck in your mind is a safari. Safaris in Africa are full of adventure and cannot be matched by any other place in this world. Safaris are always a one of a kind experience and if maybe you have one shot at a holiday, you should really consider visiting Africa on safaris.

When it comes to Africa, Kenya is one of the best destinations for safaris. Kenya boasts of various national parks and national reserves including the world renowned Masai Mara National Reserve. These national reserves and national parks provide great destinations for safaris in Kenya.

lake nakuru national park


Some of the best National Reserves and national parks in Kenya apart from Masai Mara include the Tsavo national parks, Amboseli National Park, Mt Kenya National Park, the Lewa Conservancy, Nairobi National Park, Hell’s Gate, Lake Nakuru National Park among others.

There are also marine national parks in the coastal area. All the parks and reserves in Kenya are uniquely active and ideal destinations for the best safari experiences in Africa. When it comes to holidays, you can never go wrong with safaris in Kenya. All through the year weather favors safaris in different parts of the country.

#2 The White Sandy Beaches

Kenya also boasts a coastline that stretches from the high north from Lamu to the border of Tanzania. The coast is populated by various beach hotels, cottages and villas that makes holidays in Kenya full of fun. There are very many activities you can take part in when you visit the Kenyan coast.

Water activities in the coast can include kayaking, boat and dhow rides, jet skiing, kite surfing and other very many activities. Many hotels are found by the beach front and therefore it adds a little romantic aspect especially if you are visiting Kenya on your honeymoon or you are planning your wedding in the country.

diani beach safaris

There are a number of islands in the coast that are ideal destinations for tourists with very many activities that the tourists can engage in. For example, in the south coast, you will find the Wasini Island which is a very popular tourist destination.  Wasini is famous for dolphins and tourists get a rare chance of swimming with these human lovers with the waters very clean and clear.

This experience is always breathtaking and is very popular even among the locals in the area. There are also very many towns in the coast and tourists are also taken for city tours to see how urban the towns have become. The major towns in the coast include Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa.

#3 The Culture of the Kenyan People

Kenya is very rich when it comes to culture. There are 42 tribes in Kenya and that means there are 42 different languages spoken in Kenya. This could be hard to imagine especially if you come from a country that speaks just one language. However, the national languages are Swahili and English.

Many places you will visit, you will find that most people may be able to communicate with you in English. But this does not mean that the people speaking other languages cannot visit the country. You will find that employees of many hotels and many people you will interact with can speak various different international languages including German, French and Italian. Guides will help you throughout your stay in the country and therefore you will not be left out in any activity.

kenya safaris

As much as Kenya is rich in culture, very many tribes especially people in the urban areas have embraced the western culture to some extent. But one particular tribe in Kenya that has stood the test of time are the Masai people of Kenya. The Masai still follow their culture to the letter and it is always interesting to visit them and learn how they still cope with ancient traditions such as hunting.


A popular place to visit in Kenya to learn the culture of the Kenyan people is the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi. There you can see how all the different tribes in Kenya live and the different aspects of their cultures. Each culture is unique in its own way.

#4 Kenya is Rich in History

Historically, Kenya is also blessed. It gained its independence back in 1963 and there is a lot you can learn about Kenya before, during and after colonialism. There are different monuments especially in the coast that are rich historically and that you can learn a lot from. Two of the most famous monuments are the Vasco da Gama pillar that is in Malindi and the Fort Jesus in Mombasa town.

There are also various archaeological studies and remains found in various parts of the country that can be of great interests for tourists and scholars. Many students also visit Kenya every now and then and do several studies in the country.

#5 Kenya has Countless Attractions

As I said earlier, there are very many attractions in Kenya. The above are among the top reasons tourists visit Kenya.

Other attractions that we just mention include, the Great Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara, the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya and the Mount Kilimanjaro, the Lake Victoria, Lake Bogoria among others. All these are areas that are full of fun and adventurous activities that tourists can take part in when they visit Kenya.