Team Building in Kenya Facilitators


What is Corporate Team Building?

We start with the idea that people need to play more. Fun and learning occur in an informal environment. The programs we design require the use of your mind and body; involving both enhances learning. In today’s competitive environment it is imperative for a successful business to work as a team.

By creating that level playing field, which puts the managing director on the same level as the rest of the organization, we help to break down barriers and engender an atmosphere of enthusiasm, cooperation and teamwork. Team building events, theme dinners and corporate events will never, ever be the same.

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What Makes Us Different?

Aside from our unique product offerings, our trained facilitators all have a background in the performing arts, along with proven skills in communication and teaching.

Our belief is that through this background, the facilitators have a keen sense of their audience which helps to create events that are not only purposeful, but also dynamic and entertaining!

A focus interaction is paramount to Mayuni Adventures  philosophy and as a result, we are proud of our high level of client satisfaction.